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  • Integrity/Ethical Conduct

  • Fair Representation

  • Competence/Due Professional Care

  • Independence

  • Evidence Based Approach

  • Confidentiality

  • Privacy

  • Leadership


We were originally founded by Jonathan Duler in July 2015 as a sole-trader business looking to support big engineering firms by providing unique specialist services. We quickly realised the need for enhanced Essential Safety Measures auditing in the multi-storey domestic market where up to 40% of the buildings we investigated had serious defects.


As industry has refocused on prevention of cladding fires our business has evolved to focus on the forensic assessment of buildings with fire safety issues.



Since 2018, Basic Engineering evolved to become THE BASIC Group,  privately-owned consulting firms specializing in Fire Engineering and Forensic Engineering of Essential Safety Measures. Specifically, BASIC Expert provides technical facilitation helping property owners and managers to address:

  • Building Notices

  • Building Orders

  • Local Council and Municipal Building Surveyor inquiries

  • Technical advice and Expert Witness for litigation

  • Owners Corporation concerns about fire safety


Basic Expert works with Owners Corporations, government agencies, testing laboratories, universities, and legal sectors.


  • Essential Safety Measures Maintenance

  • Active and Passive Fire System Maintenance

  • Emergency Planning and Diagrams

  • Essential fire-safety equipment testing

  • Integrated Engineering services and support

  • Fire Safety Audits: Building Auditing


We focus on helping people with non-compliant buildings deal with dangerous cladding, inappropriate Essential Safety Measures (fire alarm and detection systems, fire rated doors and the like), and helping them with the building rectification process working with specialists in litigation, design, permits/certification, and construction.

Corporate Values

BASIC Corporate has adopted its values directly from AS 4655-2005 Fire Safety Audits and the Engineers Australia Code of Ethics.

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