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The BASIC Expert team has over 100 years of collective experience in fire and structural fire engineering to provide solutions tailored to forensic building and safety needs.


Fire Engineering:


BASIC Expert has an accredited fire safety engineering team to ensure practical and acceptable levels of safety are achieved while delivering:

  • Compliance for a diverse number of building designs

  • Cost effective solutions for existing buildings that don’t comply with Deemed-to-Satisfy (DTS) provisions or its prescriptive requirements.

  • Bespoke solutions that ensure safety of residents, home and business owners and their property and the environment.


Structural Fire Engineering:


BASIC Expert has a strong team of Structural Fire Engineers experienced in analysing and applying skills to a diverse set of forensic situations:

  • Catastrophic fire failures

  • Building compliance and safety measures

  • Non-traditional construction safety measures (tunnels, architectural)

  • Catastrophic fire related building failure



Building Regulations:


BASIC Expert is highly regarded by its clients for its support in the regulatory space.  We provide accurate and consistent assessment in the line with the regulatory requirements.  We provide this guidance through analysis of the buildings through its lifecycle:

  • Preliminary planning and concept design

  • Final design, construction commissioning and certification

  • Occupancy (including enhanced essential services auditing)

  • Refurbishments and changes of use



Engineering Research:


BASIC Expert has strong connections with a number of fire engineering resources across the Globe.   The relationship with such facilities as WarringtonFire, RMIT U, Melbourne University, University of Queensland, Worcester Polytechnic Institute in the USA,  continue to provide avenues to undertake leading edge research. We advance  the understanding of fire behaviour in real life context that ensure the safety of buildings in a realistic and practical manner.

Construction Project Management:

BASIC Expert’s Construction Project Management group focuses on building rectification works. We start with a Due Diligence phase to determine what actually should be done, proceed to Tender, followed by Construction and post rectification phases. We coordinate the design team with the builder and the certifier ensuring compliance with stakeholder needs. Because we provide the initial engineering assessment, we are well placed to manage the day to day issues that rectifying an existing building brings to the job.

Business Meeting


Technical Facilitation:


Through the development of diverse relationships across the building industry BASIC Expert has the capability to coordinate and provide construction project management services for:

  • Remediation works

  • Forensic investigation

  • Regulatory and Statutory advisory /representation

  • Stakeholder negotiation/support & management


Fire Engineering:


BASIC Expert practices in accordance with the International Fire Engineering Guidelines to and the most up-to-date regulatory guidelines and statutes.  Our reports are structured to demonstrate that the proposed performance based fire safety solutions comply with the National Construction Code (BCA) requirements or in Victoria provide an alternative through a Building Appeals Board determination.


Other fire Safety engineering services we provide include:


  • Peer review of third party fire engineering reports

  • Qualitative and quantitative fire risk assessment

  • Development of whole of building fire safety strategies

  • Expert Witness work on fire engineering related issues


Regulation Guidance:


Our experience in reviewing and applying the requirements of the National Construction Code (BCA) provides us the ability to assess and advise on any BCA building classification ranging from the smallest residential strata building to large and complex public infra-structure projects.


When needed, BASIC Expert regularly uses the Building Appeals Board process to ensure that any compliance issues are reviewed by an authoritative body. 


Our range of guidance services extends to:

  • Council Notices and Orders, including:

    • Site audits

    • Preparation of Compliance Reports

    • Negotiation of fire upgrade works

    • Owners warranty insurance claims

    • Due diligence reports and condition reports

    • Expert Witness reports, testimony and related services.



Essential Safety Measures:


BASIC Expert offers a number of amenities as part of our Essential Safety Measures service. We provide practical and cost-effective fire services compliance solutions.


Our team is able to provide support and expertise in:


  • The project management, commissioning and certification of new and refurbished fire services and measures.

  • Inspection, full function testing and compliance assessment of existing services and measures.

  • Fire Safety reports including Defects, due diligence and condition reports on existing fire services and measures.

  • Expert Witness reports, testimony and representation.


BASIC EXPERT expertise undertakes audits that encompasses all categories of fire services and measures:


Dry Fire Components:


  • Automatic Fire/Smoke Detection and Alarm Systems

  • Fire Indicator Panels, including Communications Links and Interface Matrix analysis

  • Occupant warning systems

  • Emergency lighting and Exit signs

  • Mechanical ventilation, including Stair Pressurisation and Smoke Control Systems.


Wet Fire Components:


  • Fire Sprinklers and drenching systems

  • Hydrant and Hose reel systems

  • Fire extinguishers


Passive Fire Measures:

  • Fire and smoke door assessments (including windows and shutters exit doors and door releases)

  • Fire/smoke dampers, seals, vents and stopping

  • Exit paths and travel

  • Warning signs



Structural Fire Protection:


BASIC Expert consults with industry leaders to identify the most up-to-date structural fire protection services and strategies for a wide range of building applications.  With a mind set to ensure the integrity of the built environment for the safety of residents and workers. Our solutions are compliant, practical and state of the art.



Testing Façade Systems:


To ensure that building systems are safe and compliant BASIC Expert consults and cooperates with industry leaders to test systems that are reflective of real-world situations.  Importantly the systems tested have utilised adaptations of as built conditions, as well as proof of concept situations. Where appropriate, we take a hands-on approach as our own engineers conduct destructive field testing.


BASIC Expert is regarded as one of the leading fire engineering consultancies in the world.  We have consulted in some of the largest cases domestically and internationally.


We are recognised as the organisation that provides clear and concise understanding of situations that require a holistic view of building failure.


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