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Australian Fire Engineering Guidelines Published

The ABCB has just published the Australian Fire Engineering Guidelines

The AFEG was made possible by the generous contributions of the team of specialist fire engineers involved in its development. Thanks to Dr Jonathan Barnett, Sarnia Rusbridge, Tobias Salomonsson and Kjetil Pedersen for donating their time and expertise.

The AFEG is part of the National Construction Code (NCC) support documents, and provides a guideline that meets the modern needs of the Australian fire engineering community. AFEG supersedes the International Fire Engineering Guidelines (IFEG).

The AFEG has been developed for use in the fire safety design of buildings. It will also be of use for appropriate authorities in carrying out their role of approving building designs.

AFEG Part 1 provides an insight to the issues that go beyond actual engineering, and a perspective on the role of engineering within the regulatory and non-regulatory systems. This portion of the AFEG is intended to link engineering practice with the state- and territory-based legal and regulatory system of choice.

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